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Friday, November 26, 2010

Top 10 RadTech, X-Ray Technologist Board Exam November 2010

The successful examinees who garnered the ten (10) highest places in the RadTech and X-Ray Technician Board Exam November 2010 are the following:

Top 10 Radtech Board Exam November 2010
Top 10 Radtech Board Exam November 2010

X-Ray Technologist Board Exam November 2010

Top 10 X-Ray Technologist Board Exam  November 2010

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Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!!!! UZ top 2 sa board exam congratZ,,,,,!

Anonymous said...

Even if my school is not in the list of top performing school/s and or not getting any top places in the board exam, EAC is still the BEST! Because EAC employed only highly competitive Instructors to be proud of..
Special mention to our beloved instructor sir J.P. who always gave us non-sense lectures like green stories, broadcasting to the whole class about the latest shismis of our colleagues like about love life and the worst thing is their sex life. These are very personal and sensetive issues should not be discussed in public and not to be laugh of. Also, KAPALPAKAN during our internship kung saan mapapahiya ka talaga! No wonder most students hate him!
Above mentioned instructor should be FIRED! It is a waste of money to enrolled subject/s that he handled. wla kami natutunan s kanya dahil puro shismis ang green jokes lectures nya!
Instead of to be a good role model for his students e bad influence pa sya!

den den said...

wowwww congrats sa lahat ng pumasa sa board exam ng x ray at rad tech. sa mga di pinalad na pumasa try uli makuha ninyo rin hangad na pumasa just always pray to almighty god ibibigay sa inyo ang wish na yan

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to be a part of Universidad De Zamboanga kc may nag top na naman. esmali:)

Anonymous said...

To all teachers please be serious in teaching and sharing your knowledge with your students.

Anonymous said...

SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY rocks! no. 1. 33/33 passers! 100%. congrats to my fellow radiologic technologists. congrats also to the new x-ray technologists.

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