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Friday, February 5, 2010

Oathtaking Schedules for the November 2009 NLE New Nurses


In Accordance with the Provisions of Law Warm greetings from the Board of Nursing.

Last November 2009 the Board of Nursing again was able to successfully satisfy another NLE event in the National Capital Region and in various other parts of the country with the administrative supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission.

Areas Identified

BoN Assigned

Date Specified/Requested
1. Baguio Hon. A. Rosales Mar12
2. Ilocos Hon. L. Faire Mar13
3. La Union Hon. L. Faire Mar14
4. Tuguegarao Hon. A. Rosales Mar18
5. Legaspi Hon. B. Merritt Mar12
6. Davao Hon. M. Sto Tomas Mar10
7. Zamboanga Hon. Y. Arugay
8. Bohol Hon. B. Merritt Mar21
9. CARAGA Hon. C. Abaquin Mar12
10. Bacolod Hon. M. Sto Tomas Mar11
11. Cebu Hon. P. Po
12. LUCENA Hon. B. Merritt Mar10
13. Iloilo Hon. M. Sto Tomas Mar19
14. Roxas Hon. Y. Arugay
15. CDO Hon. Y. Arugay
16. Pagadian Hon. L. Faire
17. Tacloban Hon. A. Rosales
18. Gen Santos Hon. M. Sto Tomas Mar14
19. Siliman Hon. P. Po
Source: BON

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Anonymous said...

SILLIMAN my alma mater, Silliman beside the sea..

February 16, 2010 said...

best of luck who are doing nursing.

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